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Analytics, AI and Machine learning can push you forward

Modern analytics will change the way you look at your plant and process

  Do you have data but no conclusions? Analyzing the data you have can lead to amazing results; better yield, lower downtime and improved quality! Analytics has always depended on three things data, tools and knowledge. Novotek can help you gather the data, implement the right tools and draw the conclusion that turn data into knowledge. We master all analytics tools from classical analytics to the new technology based on AI and machine learning.

Implementing a process for data mining is key

When one should start to use your data you need a process to choose the right challenge, here is our way:



 The person driving this is the data scientist, you need one! 


Data scientist

In our experience is the key person is making analytics a success the Data Scientist that are able to analyze and draw conclusions. This requires deep knowledge into the different tools and its different pros and cons but at the same time a good understanding of industrial data gathering and industrial processes. Novotek has a team of very knowledgeable Data Scientists that are here to help you get going on your analytics project.


Tools for analytics are diversified and very different



We have gathered a number of different tools for analytics ranging from trending tools, statistical based modeling, model-based modeling and the latest AI technology. Machine learning can be many things from offline analytics and trending to full online digital twin modeling. We are working together with both GE and PTC on gathering and developing the available tools.

 What is Data science, really?

Data science

The process we have defined to work with data is one part of it since all science should be process based. The next things are to know that as the name suggests is it not magic but science so one should put a thesis and prove or counterprove that, once there you pivot your thesis and continue until you have solved or improved your data challenge. This can be done offline in a lab or it can be done online in a device or in the latest years online through Digital twin technology. 

Digital twins, where the physical and digital converge 

digital twin
The concept of a digital twin is a very powerful way of merging all available data about a unique instance of an asset into ONE model. That model that can be enriched with analytics, processes and other information like comments, test protocols, etc. The real power comes when you have a large number of assets with their own digital twin and you let modern AI tools start to cross-reference and analyze operation patterns and results. The results can be astonishing!


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