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Augmented Reality change the way we experience!

Improve usability, response time and efficiency.


Augmented reality is the next step in user interaction  

The new ways of interacting will change the way we think about systems and interaction. The key is that time to consume information is significantly decreased and you will have happier operators and staff or customers depending on the application. The possibilities are endless and it is time for you to get your plan for AR!

So what can AR do for me in my operation? 

There are so many ways that AR can change your experience but here are some that we have seen: 


AR operation


Point of view and tools to get there.

There are a number of different ways to experience it. You can use a tablet or a phone but more and more devices like Microsoft Hololens are entering the market. Many of those give the user the ability to experience the world with the hand free to interact and with audio to support further. Novotek has used a number of different devices and can guide you in finding the right tools for you and give your application the best experience. If there are any special device you need to use can we assist you in order to ensure that it works with our IoT solutions.

Fast implementation is key and we have it

Since we work with the market leader PTC’s tools for AR are we capable to promise that we can start to give you an AR experience in a matter of hours. There are many that claim it but we can deliver it, and that even with real-time data in the view. So why not make a test and develop your own plan and test with AR? 
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