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Smart connected operations

Make your plant operation agile and smart.

 Get innovation going with Industrial IoT

Going digital is something that means different things for all but one thing that is clear is that it is a journey and not done in one step. A path means constant development and pivoting towards a more agile digital enterprise. For facilitating this journey you need the right tools that help and support the teams and make it possible to build and change as the needs change. Let us help you evaluate your needs and choose the right tools for the future.

Connect, organize, analyze and create

The steps in implementing your digital journey can be divided into four steps. 

Connect to your assets

Connecting industrial assets are something that requires the right tools and experience, we have the market-leading tools and make this part easy even with most old legacy systems. We connect to more than 2500 different devices and protocols. We have also communication experts that can assist with dark corners of your operations and get your communication and visibility.

Organize and structure your operation 

Once you have your connectivity can you start to model and structure it for whatever use you envision in your plan. Are your first step a simple analyze or a more complex AI application or even just a visibility into your operation shall it be easy to pivot and adapt further down the journey. Your tools shall support you to get to your goals fast and then set out on new ones. We are able to provide you with a platform that can grow from a small first step to a whole operation wide deployment. 

Analyze - simple to complex – everything is possible

Analyzing is key in order to be able to pivot an make the changes you need in order to be more effective and smart. With our solutions are you able to use the most simple visualization to the most complex AI or machine learning applications. We help you to choose and implement.

 Create a great user experience

Today the user experience is key to get adaptation and acceptance. With our solutions do you have all the modern variations of user experiences including VR, AR and mixed reality and all this can be done by you rather than through consultants. So expand your view from ordinary screen to mobile and augmented reality with us and get amazing results. 

Work with the right partners

When it comes to smart operations and digital transformation is the key to choose the right team and tools. Together with Novotek will you get full support with both getting the right tools as well as building the right team to make your digital project a success. Novotek partner with the largest IoT suppliers and a number of niche players in order to make the best tools and services available for you.




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