The food and beverage industry has during the past years got a number of new regulations put on them from especially the EU. These have the aim to put in place a full traceability for the production. We have been closely involved in the process of interpreting and implementing these at several different food & beverage companies. This on top of our normal business activity, where we increase productivity by implementing OEE solutions, real-time reporting and SCADA solutions.

In our automation solution field we are extremely active in renewing projects for our customers in order to update their facilities. In these projects we take a full "turn-key" responsibility. Some major customers in this field are Unilever and Kraft, for which we have done complete MES solutions with in many cases full S88 compliance.

We have also designed complete tracking and tracing solutions for the complete production flow. These solutions are also based on standard software in line with our principle of openness.