Auditors are appointed by the general shareholders meeting. The task of the auditors is to review the company's annual report and accounts and the Board of Directors' and Chief Executive Officer's administration on behalf of the stockholders. Novotek adopted International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) from 2005 onwards. Auditing annual reports, Consolidated Financial Statements and accounts, and the Board of Directors' and Managing director's administration are conducted in accordance with generally accepted auditing principles in Sweden.

The Mazars AB audit firm was appointed as auditor by the 2021 Annual General Meeting. The audit firm has announced its appointment of Bengt Ekenberg, Anthorized Public Accountant, as lead auditor for the audit. Anders O Persson was also appointed as auditor, Anthorized Public Accountant employed by Mazars AB.

Mazars AB
Bengt Ekenberg
Born 1960
Authorized Public Accountant

Anders O Persson
Born 1976
Authorized Public Accountant

Outcome of remuneration to auditors is in each year's annual report.