The nominating committee is appointed by the General Meeting and the purpose of the nominating committee is to nominate board members and auditors and suggest remunerations for the board and the auditors. According to the decision of the Annual General Meeting 2020-05-07, the Nominating Committee shall consist of Ingvar Unnerstam and Göran Andersson (Novoplan AB) and Annette Larsson representing Noveko Syd AB. Chairman is Annette Larsson. According to the invitation to the annual general meeting it is stated that the board jointly should nominate a new member of the nominating committee if a current member leave the committee before the end of the election period. Suggestions to the nominating committee are to be sent to or by using telephone number +46 70 657 48 88.

Nominating committee report considering the board election on annual general meeting 07/05/2020

The nominating committee propse re-election of board members Fredrik Larsson, Claes Lindqvist, Anna Bjelm, Göran Andersson and Charlotta Johnsson.

"A company needs to have a versatile board structure. The size of the board of directors should be kept as low as possible, especially in a small company as Novotek. Novotek has decided that the board members should have as much as possible different focus and reflect the company’s needs. Novotek also strives for an even gender balance (in accordance with the Code's recommendation of about 40 %). Consequently the board of directors have the following structure, experience and special responsibility.

The Chairman of the board Göran Andersson, MSc. Eng, has CEO experience from SattControl AB and Novotek, has founded Novotek and accomplished many acquisitions.

Claes Lindqvist, both MSc. Eng and MSc. Econ, has CEO experience from Höganäs AB and other listed companies and has as special responsibility to review information to the Stock exchange and media before publication.

Fredrik Larsson has extensive experience as a project manager and as a solution architect in the telecommunications industry. The common denominator in many of the projects in Novotek’s line of business and the telecommunications industry has been about introducing standard platforms in a complex business using a global delivery model.

Anna Bjelm is MSc. Eng and Executive MBA and are today MD at DIAB AB. Her experience of working in senior positions within Lean in a number of companies is important for Novotek. Lean promote efficiency in companies and is what Novotek offers its customers.

Charlotta Johnsson is PhD in Technology and are today Vice Dean at LTH with a special focus on Innovation and Collaboration. She has a solid experience in research and development in Operation Management, Smart Manufacturing and Digitalization, as well as work experience from the same industry as Novotek. Collaboration with research and development is becoming increasingly important for Novotek.”