ROB-EX 5.0 is ready and as customer you can download the new version. The version includes both brand new features as well as general improvements of existing features (you can find it on the website: Support > Download ROB-EX version 5.0).
Main highlights in version 5.0:

* New advanced routing constraint options
* Materials as part of the scheduling Route networks
* New batch features
* New multi-site functionality and planning
* Active directory support Run as service option
New exciting functions for the Food & Beverage industry
Of all the improvements that has been introduced many are aimed for needs in the Food & Beverage industry such as CIP, advanced batch handling and flexible route handling accommodating in process storage. Read more about features for food production etc. here. 

You can read more about the improvements for each module in the ROB-EX Release Notes for Version 5.0, which you can get if you are a customer with an active license. Or you can read about the features for each module via the Products tab on the website.

(All customers with a software service agreement have received an email with link to release notes and code for download. If not, it is because we do not have the correct contact information. Send the correct information - name, phone number, email adress - to