To increase the uses of our Masterbus 300 OPC server, we have added a few new features.

For greater flexibility, we have made the OPC server capable of acting master for synchronization of the clocks on the web.This allows for example to connect an atomic clock to the PC and send out that time to other participants on the bus.

For paper industry specifically, we have added features to read measurement profiles from ABB QCS systems via MultiDAT items. With this addition the OPC server works much like an ABB IMS and can deliver data to other systems.

For those who may not know about our Masterbus 300 OPC server it gives a quick and simple interface via a standard Ethernet card to the ABB Master System. With full support for OPC DA and OPC A&E is a completely open product for all systems.

With over 80 installed systems worldwide Masterbus 300 is one of our main export products.

Do you want to know more about Masterbus 300? Please contact your local Novotek sales representative or send a mail to