With the increasing number of alarming reports about contaminated food, consumers want to get more insight in the food production chain. It is clear that the effect of these reports in the media can be devastating for food producers. Therefore they need to be able to provide essential production information instantly when needed. The capability to provide this transparency can also be used to (re)build trust with your customers or even respond to the growing “terroir” consciousness.

Novotek provides a solution based on the MES suite Proficy from GE that fully automates the tracking and tracing process. The system automatically captures necessary process data and translates this into clear production genealogy reports. With this system a "transparency system" has been built for the world largest dairy producer FrieslandCampina in less than three months. This transparency system is used to link the consumers to the farmers by giving them the ability to search for the origin of the 100% organic diary product by entering the code on the package on internet. The interest in organic dairy products has demonstrated double digit growth numbers since the start of this campaign.

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