At the largest trade show for the manufacturing industry in the Nordic region Novotek, in competition with companies including Siemens and HMS Industrial Networks, was awarded the Scanautomatic prize.

The Prize is awarded for the best product that is innovative in its overall concept.

Novotek unveiled an innovative solution that really is at the forefront of technology and the Jury as well as the visitors at the fair were amazed. By connecting Proficy Workflow with Google Glass, Novotek allows operators to get to a new level. By getting the work instructions directly in Google Glass glasses, the user always has the right information at the right time. The user can perform operations with the support of the electronic work instructions, ensuring that everything is correct.

Google glass testas i montern

Visitors at the fair could try this by building a Lego car, with all instructions displayed directly in Google Glass glasses. The are many benefits with this solution, with the biggest being that the operator has both hands available for the operation. Operating instructions are presented directly in front of you and you always get the right information tailored to current operation to perform.

Proficy Workflow

Increase quality by ensuring that all operators comply with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and have access to all relevant information, including instructions, manuals and process values. With Proficy Workflow, you can utilize electronic work instructions and corrective action in combination with the plant automation system to increase repeatability, reduce costs and improve quality. It is also possible to digitize and track work processes, from quality management and HACCP monitoring for emergency procedures and troubleshooting. With Proficy Workflow, every operator an expert.

Google Glass

They look like a pair of glasses, but is actually a small computer. Google Glass displays information as well as documents and videos, similar to a smartphone, at an optical display (OHMD) right in front of your eyes. The glasses can be controlled by voice, smartphone or tablet. The glasses can also be used to document work by taking pictures and recording sound. This is the next generation of interactive working tools.

About Novotek

Novotek has since 1986 worked with integration of IT and automation systems in the process and production industry. Novotek mainly supplies world-leading products and systems from General Electric.

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