In the latest version of Proficy Mobile 2.0, there have been some updates, including:
• Support for Iphone and Android smartphones
• Improvements in navigation
• More and improved management of key figures
• Scorecards
• Analytics/Reasoners


IOS & Android support
From being limited to PCs and tablets, now also iPhone and Android phones can be used as clients for Proficy Mobile.



Improvements i navigation
In order to improve navigation in Proficy Mobile, we added a radial menu in the left corner to browse and select assets. Even in the low corner there is a new radial menu with two levels; one for applications such as HMI, Plant Applications etc. and one containing filters and trend curves.



With scorecards you'll get a better knowledge and attention, in real time, how your system works. The scorecard displays business targets and the actual outcome in real time, so you can take decisions faster and better about what changes needs to be done in order to achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

Analytics/Reasoners are functions you use to provide early warnings for possible problems and errors that will occur in your facility if you do not take action. The function is built on analysis of historical data, where you can see the connection of events that causes errors and problems in your plant..



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