Dear users of KEPServerEX. If your organization has one or more KEPServerEX licenses, where the license has expired we have together with Kepware received an extraordinary chance to renew the licenses, without any cost expect the service license itself! In other words you'll be saving the normal 50% of the price of the KEPServer fees charged when you want to renew a version.

This offer is valid until December 31st 2015, and only for existing KEPServerEX version 5 licenses and for subscriptions for at least two years.

This is what you'll receive:
- Upgrade to the latest version, 5.19, but also newer versions to follow
- Access to support - both locally at your Novotek office, but also globally through
- Access to patches and fixes

Version 5.19 contains, besides a number of improvements, four great news: Internet of Things (IoT) Gateway Plug-in, Windows 10 support as well as two fundamental improvements in the respective Server Runtime and Server Configuration. Read more below:

1. Internet of Things (IoT) Gateway Plug-in
• A significant expansion of the functionality that requires explanation

2. Windows 10 support
• Full support for Windows 10 with the exception of hardware keys (dongles) on the 32-bit version of Windows 10

3. Server runtime
• The ability to adjust the Device Scan Mode and Tag Scan Rate during the time OPC Clients are active and connected to the tags on the device
• Added server support for "@Array" dynamic addresses

4. Server Configuration
• New option to use "Provide initial updates from cache" in the Device Scan Mode. When enabled, values are retrieved from the server's cache (if available) instead of being retrieved from the device when a client connects
• New option for "Respect tag specified scan rate" in Device Scan Mode. The new setting forces the connected OPC clients to use the scan rate, which is defined in the static tag properties and thus allows a user to set and limit the scan rate per tag. Dynamic tags are scanned using the scan rate, as OPC client specifies.

5. Moreover, a number of improvements in:
• Modbus TCP / IP Ethernet
• ODBC-Client
• OPC DA-Client
• OPC UA-Client
• OPC XML-DA Client
• Advanced option tags
• Data Logger Option
• and in iFIX Native Interface (NIO)

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