Scanautomatic, the largest automation fair in northern Europe, announced on Thursday this year’s winners in the prestige’s innovation prizes and again Novotek won, this time with the innovative cyber security solution OpShield from GE Wurldtech.

OpShield addresses the new type of challenges that companies face when they want to connect their plants and equipment to the cloud and with ordinary IT networks. OpShield’s unique way of dealing with this was what made it win at Scanautomatic, but that is only one in a long row of wins for this new great solution. The unique combination of Industrial knowledge and protocols and innovative baselining technology is providing a secure way for realizing the true value of IoT and analytics and that is the reason for the success of OpShield.

About Novotek

Novotek delivers solutions in the area of Industrial IT and Automation. The solutions are created from standard products and Capture, Store, Analyse, Controls and Visualize the data of the Customer. The idea is to give the customer the freedom to see, control, optimize and follow up all production processes wherever they are. Novotek has done this for the past 30 years and continues to deliver pioneer solutions that strengthen our customers’ ability to compete and innovate. Novotek has the ability to do this due to its extraordinary employees, which are the core of Novotek’s success.

About OpShield

OpShield is the next generation’s firewall solution for protecting industrial production and process networks.

OpShield protects against a lot of different types of attacks both the external but also the more sentitive internal attacks. A typical example is a consultant that connect his lattop to the network to work on some equipment and then infects the network. With Opshield will communication be identified and stopped which will limit and contain the effects to the network. Opshield is ruggedized industry optimized for stable operations and providing availability and reliability.

Simple administration via a intuitive graphical interface where there is no need for configurations in CLI. This makes the system easier to maintain for system administrators and reduces the need for network technicians. A system that is easy to maintain will be more frequently updated and therefore easier to uphold a high level of security. OpShield can be implemented in steps, from a pure monitoring/logging case to a hard sectioning of the network into compartments with rule based traffic control. In common for both operation modes of the Opshield is the baseline functionality where any deviations from normal operations are flagged.

OpShield have the possibility to log and monitoring the traffic on the network, this is done by smaller units in tap mode placed in different subnets that reports back to the main unit. The number of units and the positioning is decided based on the complexity and the level of monitoring that wants to be achieved. To only monitor the traffic will have limit effects to the current network and the only reconfiguration needed is to secure that the switches sends monitoring data to the port where the Opshield unit is connected.

With Opshield in your network can you section your network based on rules so that traffic is controlled between the different sections. Opshield can also deep inspect the industrial protocols which secure that only the right traffic is going on between nodes. This secure the equipment from any unwanted communication. Opshild also protects industrial units and equipment from known threats by signature detection, which is regularly updated. 

About Wurldtech/GE

Wurldtech helps industrial operators and device manufacturers mitigate operational technology (OT) threats and vulnerabilities. We provide products and services that help customers design, test, certify, and secure their internet-connected devices, ICS and other critical controls, as well as their site operations.


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