Jens Molin has a M. Sc. degree with a extensive experience in manufacturing - particularly in the automotive industry - and has worked both nationally and internationally. Since 2009, he has worked within the Novotek Group in various positions, most recently as Business Development Manager for Novotek Sverige AB.

- I am very pleased to have Jens Molin accept the role of Managing Director of our Swedish operation. His broad experience in different sales- and operations-focused roles within Novotek gives him the insights and skills to lead the next stages of our Swedish business’ growth. I am really looking forward to see how he and the broader Novotek team work together to build an even stronger base of expertise to help our customers.” says Tobias Antius, CEO of the Novotek Group.

- Novotek Group is a well-established firm, with a strong position in industrial IT and Automation. We are now leading the effort to help industrial firms adopt the latest technologies – often referred to as IIoT, industry 4.0 or Smart production. Thanks to our history, we have learned a great deal about how to bring innovative technology into industrial environments. We can share those lessons with new customers, so we are in an expansionary phase – aiming to help many more industrial companies reach their full potential, says Tobias Antius.

- To have received this trust from the board and the staff really makes me feel motivated to show what we at Novotek Sweden can do together. As always, we will keep our focus on our customers' needs and challenges - and deliver innovative solutions with our products and services. The knowledge and enthusiasm of the staff make this business a really positive environment, and I’m looking forward to our next steps as a team!