Novotek How-To series

Now Novotek continues its highly attended Seminar series from April with a brand new series in June.

This time inspired by all too familiar home schooling principles that those with kids have seen throughout the Corona spring. The series is called “How-To” and as the title implies it is all about learning something concrete and useful. Each event is about one subject and consists of a number of smaller and shorter sessions on a specific topic. So you can decide what you want to learn more about and attend just that part. All the events are planned to last from morning to lunch and consists of approximately 5 to 8 sessions. You can see the topics covered below and more detailed information will follow shortly. Once you sign up for one event will you get the detailed schedule in the registration confirmation.

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Connect Shop floor to your favorite Cloud services   

• Connect your plant to your cloud provider and data lake, AWS, Microsoft or Goolge. –
Theory and Background

• Connect your plant to Azure using Kepserver –
In practice

• Connect your plant to AWS using Kepserver –
In practice

• Connect your plant to Google using Kepserver –
In practice

• Connect your plant to cloud via your Historian –
In practice

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Make the most of your Proficy suite, support desk high lights  

• work with GE Proficy common licensing

• optimize Historian with respect to speed and performce
handle certificates in Proficy

• work and optimize communication in iFIX

• start working with VBA in iFIX. Some basics to start with!

• how to work with upgrades in iFIX.

• work with cyber security in Proficy. The dos and don'ts!

• work with Alarming in iFIX.

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Make the most of your Historian use in your plants

• use a time series Historian DB instead on a ordinary SQL database.

• start using a Historian to get value of of it.

• build reports on your Historian data

• make sure that the data you store in your Historian are usable

• work with redundancy and backup in Historian

• install and make use of the Historian APIs/REST/OLEDB

• install and make use of the Historian Calculation collector

• install and use the Linux version of Historian and Kepserver

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Use Analytics, ML and AI in Production and Process   

.. more information is on the way! 

Preliminary schedule:
• analytics, Machine Learning and Artifical intellience is not easy to apply without knowledge.

• Use production time series data in Azure Machine Learning

• analyse data from a pump with with Csense, a practical approach.

• to close the loop with ML and control the process better

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Use Kepserver and OPC UA effectively   

• Basic set up, configuration and diagnostics of Kepserver

• Setting up and using OPC-UA in Kepserver

• work with alarms & events in Kepserver and OPC-UA.

• Install Kepware Advanced Tags and make use of it

• Cyber security on shopfloor and how to handle with OPC and Kepserver

• Kepserver licenses and the portal

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Work with versioning in Versiondog   

.. more information is on the way! 

Preliminary schedule:
• work with versioning on shopfloor equipment and what it brings to you and the organisation.

• start handling versioning with Siemens equipment

• Start handling versioning with Rockwell equipment

• Start handling versioning with Emerson equipment

• take automatic backup of your PLCs and other ICS equipment

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Connect Enterprise systems and BI to shop floor systems   

• connect shopfloor to enterprise systems?

• push plant data and use it in Microsoft Power BI

• push plant data and use it in Qlick

• push plant data into your PLM, e.g. SAP, PTC or Dassault

• push plant data into your CMMS, e.g. Maximo, SAP or other

• Transfer batch data to your ERP, e.g. SAP, Microsoft or ??

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Get more Production with better Scheduling/planning using ROB-EX  

• Do production scheduling with material constrints

• How to schedule to mett all due dates and simulate production plan with variable capacity

• How to use Rob-Ex Scheduler in food production

• Do long term scheduling vs short term scheduling

• How to handle production progress reports and automatic rescheduling

• How to work with complex production routes using Rob-Ex scheduler

• How to schedule with equipment, personell and tool constraints using Rob-Ex scheduler

• Efficient schedulig of a project production situation.

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