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This spring we had a lot of webinars and how-to event. This will continue in the fall.

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Auvesy Versiondog - Data Management for Automated Production  

Learn how you can work with your plant floor equipment and there code, configurations and other documentation. We will show you how you can do this with some major brands like Siemens and Rockwell but also other vendors. Our guide will be Thomas Hörauf that have being doing configuration management and versioning since 20 years. The challenge of handling all types of documentation not just against simple mistakes but also system integrators that forget to leave code to the new threat of cyber security and the ability to detect intrusion. So join this seminar and see how you could work with your plant documentation.  


Production Planning - Making Promises you can keep!   

Many companies plan productions once a week or less. All adaptation to that plan are usually handled on paper or a whiteboard. What if you could do the planning and all necessary replanning in one place and therefore get more product out in time with less resources and optimal use of raw material. Novotek implements scheduling solutions based on the tool Robex which is a world leading tool for production planning in all types for productions from simple to the most complex. During this webinar will one of Novoteks best scheduling experts show and tell how we transformed messy planning into a streamlined process.

Using an Historian -Setting it up so you can get something out of it!

Many companies are using Historian systems on the plant level to gather and store data for future use in analytics and root cause analysis. But many realize too late that the data they stored is full of faults and contains too much or to little data. All this depends on how you have gathered and stored the data. Listen and get practical tips from one of Novotek’s best Plant Historian expert when he takes you through the process on how to set up, configure and run Proficy Historian in the correct way to be prepared for future needs.


Data communication platform - Why all should have one! 

Today one of the challenges all companies face is that there are so many stakeholders that want to retrieve industrial data from the plant floor. Many are the technologies. OPC DA. OPC UA. MQTT. REST. CLOUD. CERTIFICATES. 24x7. There is also often questions on how to govern availability, security, integrity and safety. Novotek have built a many industrial data platforms for companies in all industries that want to push data from the plant floor to the all types of cloud, enterprise systems and a myriad of other systems. Learn how to set this up in a secure way And in a way that the data is prepared for use in the other systems so it directly can be put into use and achieve the business goals.


ML/AI and Analytics - Real life examples on how to benefit! 

Many have initiatives in Analytics and are trying to see how to show the value of the use of it. Through years of experience can we provide you with some guidance on where and how to start. The starting point needs to be narrow, simple and fast to value. During this seminar will we teach through some examples on how you can start and get going with your data analytics.


MES - The digital thread in your production! 

The flow of production and the data that is attached to it is key in order to understand how to improve. The digital thread, MES or any of the other names this systems have the important is how to get to a system that actually delivers value. Novotek’s experts will show you how the flow through a plant can look and deliver value. From the point where the production order enters production until all are reported back. Novotek is working with GE Digital to deliver these digital threads in all industries and we can show you how it could look for you. Join and get a vision for you future plant with a seamless flow of data in the production.


High Performance HMI - How to start with it in an existing application!

The principles of a High Performance HMI have existed for some time now and have shown to give great results in the use of the HMI system. Time to reaction and Time to solution are significantly improved. In this seminar are we going to show how you can adopt the principles of High Performance HMI in an existing application and not change everything. One of Novoteks super experts on HMI in general and IFIX in particular will show and guide you in principles and what they mean and how to start the journey.