Novotek has always helped its customers to store, structure and transfer information into knowledge. Today we have extremely effective tools which allow users to arrange and structure data for use at tremendous speed.

We deliver, together with our partners, Industrial IT and Automation solutions based on standard products and components. Novotek's focus is production, ranging from automotive via water treatment to petrochemical. We ensure our customers with the ability to meet their challenges by being able to control and optimize their production processes. Our goal is to secure your success and to keep you competitive.

We have been in the business for the past 30 years and have been pioneers since the start. The commitment of the Novotek group is to deliver the RIGHT solution for every single customer in our field of expertise. We design, implement, deploy and maintain our customers' systems for production management and control. This gives our customers the maximum possibilities to control, improve and follow up their production processes.

Our core values are summarized in the word CARE. CARE is an acronym for Competent, Agile, Reliable and Enthusiastic. These words describe very well the feeling the customers and we have about us.