Save Time through Tight Integration. In addition to sharing common editing tools, all Proficy Machine Edition components - View, Logic Developer, and Motion Developer - share a common database and common objects, including logic, scripts, graphical panels, and data structures, across applications. Once a variable with its properties is created, it can be reused in other components of the project.

Proficy Machine Edition has a complete set of simple and easy to use tools. These tools are very usefull for creating a graphical interface system. These tools are the basics of every Machine Edition product: Drag-and-drop, ActiveX, Dynamic Help and Common Diagnostic Tools.  With Machine Edition you only have to learn the basics of one package instead of learning the basics of many different.







Proficy Machine Edition Components

HMI/Operator Interface - Proficy View
An HMI specifically designed to address the needs of machine-level operator interface and HMI requirements. Includes a wide range of PLC/device drivers and OPC client/server support and provides remote connectivity and thin client support for diagnostic and data monitoring. Includes support for QuickPanel, QuickPanel View (Windows CE-based) and Windows NT/2000/XP.

PC-Control Proficy Logic Developer-PC
A proven PC-based development and runtime system providing all 5 IEC 1131 languages (Ladder Diagram, Structured Text, Instruction List, Function Block Diagram and Sequential Function Charts), web publishing of logic, and connectivity to a wide choice of PLC and open I/O devices. Includes support for QuickPanel Control (Windows CE-based), Windows NT/2000/XP, and Embedded NT/XP.

PLC Programming Proficy Logic Developer-PLC Programs and configures all GE Intelligent Platforms PLCs and programmable automation controllers (PACs), including VersaMax, Series 90-30, Series 90-70 and PACSystems RX7i and RX3i. Available in Professional, Standard and Nano/Micro versions.

Motion Programming - Proficy Motion Developer
Programs and configures GE Intelligent Platforms S2K motion controllers.


All in one box- Combine View with Control in a QuickPanel

With a QuickPanel Control you can take advantage of the HMI functionality of Proficy View Machine Edition and combine it with PLC control functionality in one box. Save space without compromising speed.
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