Novotek Components are modules of additional functionality packaged as components. Theses components are designed to work with standard products like Proficy iFIX and Proficy Historian. Novotek has, since we started, always focused on packaging functions into products that simplify product deployment and suitability to our markets. Our components are defined according to end customer needs and implemented to fit large customer groups.

On the right hand side under additional information you can find fact sheets for our components. For some of these products we also can supply demo versions for you to test. Contact our sales organisation or send an email to asking for more information.

Novotek Components for Proficy iFIX

  • Novotek Alarm Control - group you iFIX alarms and enable/disable with a click.
  • Novotek Alarm Stats - analyse alarm history from iFIX.
  • Novotek Messenger - distribute iFIX alarms to external units via email, fax, GSM etc.
  • Novotek SMS Direct Control - a separate module for Messenger to distribute alarms over GSM modem and allow for parameter control, alarm acknowledges and value reporting via SMS.
  • Novotek Runtime - calculates running times of objects.
  • DUSiFIX  - integration between IDUS maintenance system and iFIX.
  • Novotek Visual Time Channels - Flexible and graphical time channel for Proficy iFIX and OPC Servers.

Novotek Components for Proficy Historian

  • Novotek Alarm Analysis - analyse alarms and events stored in Historian.
  • Novotek File Collect Converter - automatically reformat textfiles for Historian File Collector import.
  • Novotek Report Plus - web based tool for creating efficient and powerful reports.
  • Novotek Trend View - advanced trend viewer for Historian data.
  • Novotek OPC HDA - opens up Proficy Historian for your own client applications through standard OPC HDA interface.

More information

Identify problem areas
with Novotek Alarm Analysis.

If you find yourself have problems with identifying what alarms are most frequent
or causing most announce. Or if you want to make reports of how many and what alarms have occurred in certain areas, the Novotek Alarm Analysis ActiveX component
will help you.
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