Take your Proficy iFIX to the next level with Proficy Cause+

Convert your historical data into valuable information in real time with Cause+. Cause+ helps your operators, engineers and maintenance staff to become more productive by automatically and in real time find the causes of process variation using Proficy iFIX.

You can even use Proficy Cause+ to predict future alarms and process variations by automatically analyzing historical events. By acting before the problems occur, proactive instead of reactive, batches can be saved, downtime can be avoided and productivity can be increased.

Proficy Cause+ enables production engineers and process specialists to look at the causes of deviations in the manufacturing process in real-time. Proficy Cause+ provides operators with a deeper process knowledge through user-friendly graphics and customized messages to help resolve various types of process conditions.

Proficy Cause+
Proficy Cause+ contains a offlinedel, for collection, visualization, estimation of time lags, correlation analysis, definition of scenarios and simulations of each scenario. The real-time component includes the specific interface for Proficy iFIX. Allowing Intelligent iFIX "based" on historical events will help operators to improve the quality and yield in the process.

Let Proficy Cause+ convert your historical process data into information and advice to your operators in real time. 


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