Proficy Historian Analysis (PHA) is a web-based tool for trending and analysis of process data, alarms and events from Proficy Historian.

As several of other Proficy modules, PHA is also shown in the Proficy Vision client (see below). This means that data also can be viewed together with a plant model.


With simple "drag'n drop" you'll quickly get an overview and can display data in time-based trend, XY plot, etc. You can easily compose an information view with a mixture of graphics, text, etc and save it as a favorite, to bring out later. It's also easy to share such a favorite with your colleagues. Although PHA is easy to use, you can also perform advanced analyzes, including filtering capabilities. For example, you can choose to just see what the temperature has been in the tank when the level has exceeded a threshold, or when a pump has been active. A trend chart can contain many tags, and it is also possible to have many trend curves in one picture.

Alarm and event analysis

With Proficy Historian Analysis, you have full access to, and overview of all active and historical alarms and events in Proficy Historian (OPC Alarms & Events). Everything is shown in an overview in an alarm viewer where you can easily filter, sort, and add comments or notes. If an event is detected, alarms can also be created manually. Moreover, one can analyze the signals/KPI, which is related to the alarm!

When Historian Analysis is linked to Proficy Historian, all your process- and production data are displayed in this tool. It's never been easier!


Proficy Historian Analysis 6.0

• Is remade in HTML5, which means that it only requires a standard web browser without a plugin
• Real time calculations: with a Phyton library of calculation functions, you can do your own calculations based on logged data. With a simple interface you may use one or more signals to create a new value
• With the built in print-function you can create simple PDF reports