There is presumably no doubt that the units used are becoming more mobile and intelligent. Our mobile app is dedicated to mobile devices. Now available on both iPad and Android tablets. Proficy Mobile takes advantage of all your industrial IT - Proficy iFIX and Proficy Historian, etc. and has now been extended with mobile notes. The new mobile notes can be attached to a particular device and added current KPIs, live camera photo or from the library. The note can finally be given a priority..


  • Better overview.
  • Easy and intuitive navigation.
  • GPS used to provide you with exactly the information that is relevant your physical location.
  • Reduce costs by being able to access information wherever you are.
  • Role based - make decisions in real time on the topics for which you are responsible.
  • Easy collaboration across shifts and so forth using mobile notes.
  • Great connectivity ensures data availability from all your equipment.
  • Taking advantage of your installed base of industrial IT equipment.
  • Usability by utilizing open industry standards

Proficy Mobile


KPI analysis using Proficy Mobile App

By using tablets, all employees may access data at any time - anywhere.  

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