A central component to achieving a truly real time enterprise is having a single, integrated tool for accessing, analyzing and visualizing production data. Proficy Real-Time Information Portal provides a web-based overview of all key metrics so you can operate your business more efficiently. Its sophisticated trending and reporting capabilities take advantage of the high performance data storage ability of Proficy Historian, allowing you to focus on continuous improvement.

Proficy Portal


  • Calculate, analyze and improve Key Performance Indicators
  • Increase quality by comparing current to ideal production
  • Reduce fines by improving regulatory compliance
  • Increase production by improving machine uptime and efficiency
  • Limit scope and cost of recalls by improving traceability
  • Improve decision-making with accurate, timely reporting
  • Speed product release with electronic signatures and 21 CFR Part 11 support
  • Reduce capital expenditures by improving asset utilization
  • Provide manufacturing visibility to your supply chain

 Proficy Historian is the ideal data repository for plant information

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Proficy Historian can handle tremendous amounts of data at very high speed.Combined with Proficy Portal plant floor information is available at everyones fingertips. 
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