With Proficy RX you get Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) analyzer-based tools that overcomes the significant barriers of implementating schemes for multiple unit operations and couple different analyzers together from a variety of instrument manufacturers. Proficy RX is the ultimate brick in a PAT solution.

Process understanding lies at the heart of any PAT deployment. Multiple types of instruments, hardware and software are an obstacle to collecting, consolidating and analyzing data. Challenges exist with varied data types, non-intuitive software environments and validation of disparate applications. Proficy RX from GE Intelligent Platforms helps you address those challenges and drive manufacturing operational improvement.

Proficy RX is a unique software solution that provides standardized control and networking of multiple instruments, eliminating the necessity to manage, learn and validate multiple instrument interface software applications.

Proficy RX fills this role, bridging the gap between the instrumentation at the manufacturing process and the data historian, SCADA, or other enterprise-level data system.

Proficy RX


  • Standardized Control & Networking of Multiple Instruments
  • Preprocessing of Captured Analytical Data
  • Robust Plant Data Archiving & Repository
  • Historical Playback Mode
  • Interface to Commercially Available MVA Software
  • Rapid application development
  • Adherence to 21 CFR Part 11


  • Configuration Design
  • Instrument diagnostics
  • Sample system control
  • Data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Display and alarming
  • Remote Communications
  • Archiving
  • Multiple instrument support incl Near-IR, Mid-IR and many more
  • Multiple protocol support
  • Multiple Chemometrics and Mathematics support

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