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Proficy Pulse is the newest member of the Intelligent Platforms GE suite of industrial automation. With Proficy Pulse, you get a universal interface for operators, engineers and analysts. Through open and standardized interfaces, input data is displayed in graphic and animated forms that are easy to interpret. With Proficy Pulse user can quickly and efficiently make decisions based on intuitive and reliable data.


Features of Proficy Pulse

Proficy Pulse delivers powerful visualization and analysis through a unified, single point:

  • Global Time Control with Runtime Ribbon
  • Flexibility through integrated standard Microsoft VBA object oriented scripting
  • Integrated Microsoft Windows Security
  • Support for thick clients, such as desktop computer or embedded devices, as well as thin-client web solutions
  • Standard interface for external data sources such as:

    • Proficy Historian
    • Proficy Plant Applications
    • Proficy Workflow
    • Proficy HMI/SCADA
    • IGS Basic and Premium OPC Servers
    • ADO/OLEDB/ODBC Objects & Interfaces
    • GE & Third Party OPC DA or A&E Servers


Runtime Ribbon

Runtime Ribbon in Proficy Pulse gives you quick access to a specific period that you want to further analysis. All animations and trends are shown for the selected time settings, so you can immediately see what was happening at that time.


Product Information