Proficy SOA and ProficyWorkflow & Execution 

We now introduce the next generation of industrial infrastructure: Proficy SOA and ProficyWorkflow.

In every production one finds a mix of automated and manual processes. The manual work processes are rarely described clearly and complete, and often there is not a tool that can ensure the correct execution. This means that operators implement the necessary work processes in slightly different ways, leading to poor repeatability in production and thus lower quality and higher costs. 


ProficyWorkflow can be used for the manual interaction with the production through graphical and intuitive work instructions, which guide and control the work process step by step. ProficyWorkflow can also be used for document management and interconnectivity of systems - all based on the latest Microsoft technologies: Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and Windows Workflow Foundation (WWF).
ProficyWorkflow includes tools that give you complete freedom to graphically describe the existing and any new work processes step by step in a flowchart.

By the basic SOA architecture (Service Oriented Architecture) our customers reaches increased recovery of invested development, increased flexibility and greater willingness to change. This way the products also give completely new possibilities within management and control of production, and for existing users of both Proficy iFix, Proficy Historian and Proficy Plant Applications there are new great opportunities to automate the business logic to a greater extend, easier and better than before. 

As typical applications include:

  • Tools to support LEAN initiatives
  • Electronic work instructions/SOP
  • Quality -control/-screening/deviation
  • Handling of alarms and corrective actions
  • Decision support


Product Information

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