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IoT for manufacturers of equipment,
fleet owners and OEMs

Your largest potential for growth lays in tap into the value that your equipment creates at your customers. That requires a IoT platform and digital partner!

The Internet of Things can take your business model to the next step where you get closer to your customers and can offer everything from better service to complete new business models like predictive maintenance, fleet management and optimized operations. But this is not only about the potential for your customers here and now but also relates to the power of know how your equipment operates, wears and fail. This information is vital for further development of design, manufacturing and logistics.

Basically it has the potential to change everything you do, but it is requiring the right plan and therefore it is important to have the right partner.


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Platform is KEY

Many starts their first IoT project by doing something on their own, many times with the help of some consultants, with some tools and custom code. It works but it is easy to fail especially since the web technology and mobile platforms change faster than anything we have seen before. Therefore we see it as essential to base your solution and partnership with some IoT platform. By doing this you do share the burden of ever changing technology with others. All the major platforms have the same basic building blocks for connecting, store, analyze and visualize things and equipment. Which platform that works best for you depends on your equipment, your customer and your plan for digitalizing your business. To make that kind of important chose require the right partnership.

Our approach to partnership

The Novotek approach to this is based on our 30 year of experience in providing connectivity, securely, and supply data to wherever you want to do you dashboards, analytics or other ways of using the data. We believe that you need a digital advisor to get it right and get there in time. This shift or digitalization are going to fundamentally change all industries and that is why GE’s Jeff Immelt have launched the GE into becoming the new “digital industrial”. The possibilities are endless and we will see more productivity coming from this than any other shift before. Many say they will be able to help you with your digital journey but remember that the things like connections, transfer and modelling that are not visible many times are the most challenging. Therefore, choose a partner with knowledge in those field.

Get it right

5 steps of IoT

The basic parts of any IoT solution is always to start with get connected, with that comes also the planning and the first analysis on what data that should and can be gathered. At this stage you can also start to put up pain points and business drivers that affects you. It is not until the last step you are able to put together the business case and determine the business value and outcomes you can get.

This journey is not easy to do if you don’t have the experience and few have today and therefore it is wise to seek guidance from someone that have done this before.

By following the steps in the process that Novotek is using will you be able to tap into this experience and not having to make the same mistakes as others.

Join the digital era and become the next digital industrial!

Get connected

Once you got the business case and you have documented the outcomes it is time to start the physical implementation. Here we advise to start with one type of device and continue to build. Now the next tricky part comes where many fail. The connection piece and especially doing this secure is something that many claim they fixed but few really understand the complexity. There exist a number of different so called edge devices that either can be a software installed on your devices or in your automation systems but also a dedicated HW that provides an easy to deploy solution. This would be easy if all systems were modern but we all know they aren’t. Therefore, is it critical to secure that your advisor knows how to connect to older devices.

get connected

Build your fleet

When the device is connected is the next step to provide each stakeholder in your IoT case with their data and insights. That means dashboards, analytics and raw data adopted to their needs and what gives them value no matter if that is your customers’ maintenance staff or management, your development department or even inside sales.

The key is that everybody is seeing the same data but adopted to their needs and view point.

We advise to build simple dashboards first and then let them evolve into full rich environment. The fleet in this case can at multiple levels from your full fleet of equipment via your customers view of his devices down to a service engineer at source partner of the customer or you. Everybody having everything at his hand all the time.

build your fleet

Optimize and reach the full potential

optimize and analyze

Just image the power of knowing everything about every single machine you have delivered, the faults, the way they are ran and how they are changed. I think you already see all the potential usage of that internally in your organization for development, support and logistics. But the real power comes when you can start to predict events, help customers optimize the usage of material or set up paramenters. In order to do this you need to know more than just how it is now, you need to predict the future. That can be done, with large amount of data and advanced analytics, many times called BIG DATA, will you have the power to be the fortune teller on your equipment.

Partner for success

Many including GE have realized that if you shall build an IoT solution you have to base it on platform and partnership. The reason in simple, the connectivity piece is really costly and the front end is something that you will work with continuously adding and changing in order to get more value out of it and making more and more people part of the solutions. There exist hundreds of new startups doing IoT platforms and most of these will die.

In order to be relatively safe that your platform is there in 12 months you should go with a full platform that can solve your needs.

The partnership is equally important since starting from zero with a platform and doing all the mistakes on your own is extremely costly. Therefore should you always consider the ecosystem around the platform before you make the chose. In the graph to the right Forrester done an excellent job in pulling together the platforms for IoT from the major players. They also categorized them and the quadrant for industrial use is called connected. The two players in that quadrant are both connected to Novotek. GE is our main supplier and PTC have become important due to the acquisition of communication software specialist Kepware.

When you need a digital advisor contact Novotek!


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