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GE Digital wide release – Proficy 2022

GE Digital is going big with entire portfolio-wide release – Proficy 2022.

Start today and learn what’s coming across the entire Proficy family.

  • iFIX 2022 (v6.8)

  • CIMPLICITY 2022 (v11.5)

  • Proficy Plant Applications 2022 (v9.0)

  • Proficy Historian 2022 (v10.0)

  • Proficy Operations Hub 2022 (v2.5)

  • And more – for a total of 10 new products releasing

Get an overview of these new products and hear how Validated Interoperability ensures you’re using components that are designed and tested to work together and drive value. Also, discover new portfolio-wide development including a low-code data flow engine, a common installation tool, security, and more.

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