The Management Group of Novotek consists of the following persons:
Tobias Antius


Tobias Antilus
Born 1972
CEO & Managing Director 
Employed since 2005.
Direct shareholding in Novotek AB: indirect holding corresponding to 250 000 B-shares together with 2 000 B-shares.

Jonas Hansson

Jonas Hansson
Born 1974
Employed since 2010.

Per Eiland

Per Eiland
Born 1956
Director of Novotek A/S, Denmark
Employed since 1991.
Direct shareholding in Novotek AB: 53 500 B-shares.

Antti Kaikkonen

Antti Kaikkonen
Born 1978
Director of Novotek Oy, Finland
Employed since 2006.

Björn Inge Olsen

Bjørn Inge Olsen
Born 1970
Director of Novotek AS, Norway
Employed since 1995.
Direct shareholding in Novotek AB: 30 000 B-shares.

Mart Scheepers

Mart Scheepers
Born 1964
Director of Novotek B.V., The Netherlands and Novotek BVBA, Belgium
Employed since 2002.

George Walker

George Walker
Born 1971
Director of Novotek UK & Ireland Ltd, UK and Ireland
Employed since 2004.