Solutions in the area of Industrial IT and Automation

Versioncontrol with Versiondog

Configuration management and version control of automation that is simple, intuitive and without the need for separate brand-based tools.

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Industrial Data provider

Getting data from sensors and systems to analysis tools has always been difficult, but with Industrial Data Provider it is easy and intuitive.

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Automation HMI/SCADA

Together with GE, thousands of processes and plants monitored and controlled everyday by our solutions.

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Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Getting the opportunity to see and control your machine outcome and effectiveness!

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2016 was a year of celebration in Novotek when we looked back on the 30 years we have been in operation. But it was also the year where we truly set off into the future with the new areas IIoT and Cyber security.

We have set out on this new journey with the same enthusiasm as we did in 1986, with PC based HMI/SCADA. The past year was in terms of profit a good year with solid margins even though we had a small drop in income. This on the other hand shows that we have a great delivery model with a great team behind it. With this as a backdrop, it feels great to be able to go into the future with continued focus both on the old and on the new areas and offerings.


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This is Novotek

Novotek is the leading creator of innovative solutions for Automation and Industrial IT in Nordic countries and Benelux. The foundation is a portfolio of great products from among others GE and Kepware. With a team of highly dedicated solution architects we are able to deliver solutions that makes it possible for our customers to stay ahead with competition.

Career opportunities

The employees have always been vital for the Novotek group and the Novotek spirit of loyalty and enthusiasm has been one of the foundations for our success. Long lasting relationships both internally and towards the customer creates a feeling of trust that is essential for creating a win/win situation.

Meet Novotek

You can meet us at fairs and events in all our Countries.