Novotek UK&I realises and engages in the sustainable development challenge and the way in which it manages its processes to produce an overall positive impact on its employees and their families as well as that of the local community and society at large.

We have several targets which we set and define ourselves:

  • Environmental – Reduce the need to travel for business by 25%, including road and air.
  • Women in Tech – Partner with agencies to support and encourage women to embark upon a career in engineering
  • STEM – Partner with agencies to support education at school age for Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

Our business is IT, Automation Software & Control.
As a business, we strive to be trusted partners and by being responsible, where we form trust.
Partnership, ethics, morality underpins our firm values.
We believe that the successful long-term future of our business shall be achieved by working collaboratively with our stakeholders and in their interests:

  • Clients & Vendor Partner
  • Employees
  • Partner Agencies
  • Academic Institutions

We understand that our business activities impact on the environment, society and economy directly and indirectly; directly in the way we run our own business and indirectly in the consultancy advice we give to clients.
Our aim is to reduce road and air business travel by 25%.
Novotek UK&I is committed to managing CSR as an employer, prospective employer and professional service provider to its clients.
Novotek UK&I will adopt operating principles on:

Environmental Sustainability – Reduce road and air business travel by 25%
Social & Community Objectives – Partner with agencies supporting STEM, Women In Tech.
Ethical Issues – Spirit and The Letter compliance
Our People Commitment and Business Relationships – Continued learning for all staff to define our product / industry expert status

Our vision is based on a fundamental belief that by embracing technology through a sustainability agenda, by helping clients implement technology strategies that reduce cost and generate value, our own business will grow stronger with continued success.

  • We recognise our responsibility to our clients within the industries we operate.
  • We are committed to help secure a better, more sustainable future for all through the advice that we provide and leading by the example that we set.

 Our direction:

  • We will work with our clients to pursue, promote and develop sustainable business outcomes from technology implementation and delivery.
  • We will set a strategy and reporting procedures that will ensure continual improvement of our performance, primarily leveraging ISO9001:2015
  • Ensure all staff are trained, educated to the highest standards where they are well versed in providing expert services and advice in a method that meets the goals and targets set by the business.
  • We will be an advocate for sustainability in the wider business community by actively engaging with our partners and agencies to develop the values and approaches that will help to deliver a more sustainable society.
  • We are committed to the markets in which we serve.
  • We understand the impacts and enhancements we create on the local community.
  • We will aim to build long-term relationships with our suppliers and create a partnership that is in tune with our business values.


Novotek UK&I is committed to achieving and maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct and institutional integrity as a standard, referencing “The Spirit & the Letter” and compliance in all business-related circumstances.
Our business seeks to comply with all laws and regulations, accounting standards, and ethical guidelines defined in accordance with The Spirit and the Letter.
We abide by a set of global values and our foremost standards of conduct are integrity and respect, collaboration and trust.

Our Values:

  • We expect as definition a code of business conduct whereby our employees are expected to follow the highest standard of behaviour at all times, both professionally and personally.
  • Compliance training, refresher updates and continual best practice with a zero-tolerance approach to any compliance breaches.
  • A zero-tolerance approach to harassment or unwanted behavior or conduct that a recipient finds intimidating, upsetting, embarrassing, humiliating or offensive, or that violates a person’s dignity.
  • We promote a culture in which harassment is known to be unacceptable and where employees are confident, they may make a complaint without fear of ridicule or reprisal.
  • Integrity is our foremost standard of conduct; we strive to treat all stakeholders with respect and dignity.
  • We solve by looking at the issues together.

Our Principles:

  • People are our business where we encourage lifelong learning throughout the company.
  • We extend these ethics to our relationships with clients, partners and vendors where we will continue to do so.
  • We will respect our people and encourage their development and training.
  • We aim to be a firm that is fully supportive of a diverse workforce including both gender and ethnicity. We will continue to promote equality and diversity and always consider the health and wellbeing of our people.
  • We aim to empower our people; we will consult and provide two-way communication for all matters.
  • We will recognise individual contributions and reward our people fairly.
  • Our aim is to offer our people a full and satisfying career, so they can be the ultimate professionals, industry and product experts within IT, Automation Software & Control.




Download CSR 2020 here

UK 2019 CSR Policy

Download GE Letter Code of Conduct here

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