Bolster the bottom line, or create flexibility for new products and packaging? It’s not an either/or choice anymore. Advanced automation and production management solutions from Novotek and GE mean you can tap into hidden potential in your operations. Join the list of brand owners, and material suppliers who have:

  • Recovered over 15% of their packaging capacity
  • Reduced changeover times by 20% or more
  • Improved material usage by over 2 percentage points
  • Reduced inventories by up to 30%


Our solutions deliver the capabilities you need – from line-side SCADA systems that help operators and supervisors keep production humming, to efficiency analysis (OEE), track-and-trace and quality systems needed to minimise losses and protect your brand with proof of food quality and safety. Customers around the world have supported their operational excellence journeys with Proficy – find out what gains they’ve made and how they achieved them!

Download our Food For Thought WhitePaper for insights into how food processors and packagers are reducing costs and creating flexibility in their operations.

Our approach to operational excellence lays out a staged way of addressing different areas of opportunity – from process visualisation and batch execution through efficiency analysis and quality management. Each stage offers its own payback, while laying a foundation to tackle additional needs. 


Constantly changing costs for everything from grain to water to energy make it challenging to stay competitive, let alone innovate. But you might be surprised to find out how many opportunities exist to take finer control of your recipes, your equipment and your procedures. That finer control can mean more consistent use of expensive ingredients, more productive operators, and even a “greener”, more sustainable operation. Our customers have been able to find significant operational savings in each of these areas, achieving results like:

  • Reducing losses from bad dough batches by almost 90%
  • Lowering energy costs in heat intensive applications by 3%
  • Increasing staff productivity by almost double
  • Reducing excess usage of expensive additives and seasonings

The key to these successes is having the ability to understand and act on key points of data relating to the quality of raw materials, the behaviour of processing equipment, ovens and packaging lines and the results achieved. Ensuring that your automation can handle additional data collection and processing needed for smarter operation, and that the information can become part of a real-time operational intelligence system is where Novotek, GE Automation & Controls and GE Digital can help.



Measurable results, from immediate waste reduction to long-term risk management – Using GE Automation & Control and GE Digital products and solutions within your dairy process and learn how to leverage powerful technologies, address your concerns, eliminate and understand route cause of your problem areas in food safety, sustainability and ensure you are flexible to market responsiveness.

Food Safety and HACCP

Prevent food safety issues and drive costs out of your products while being compliant with ever-changing government regulations. GE Proficy software solutions have proven history of helping food & beverage firms get extra value out of existing shop floor systems, adding the tools needed to automate many aspects of a robust HACCP-based program. So you can lower your cost of compliance while uncovering opportunities to reduce material losses, boost overall quality, speed product release, and provide traceability to your customers.

Novotek has in-house experts to guide and assist you in determining the best approach for integrating food safety and quality into your everyday production operations.

Operational Excellence

Aiding you in your continuous improvement journey

Rising ingredient costs, price pressure from brand-owners and house brands, and an increasing demanding consumer all add up to enormous pressures on factory operations. Holding delivery schedules while fighting for every scrap of profit can seem an impossible task. But what if there were ways to tackle a range of your thorniest problems. Ways to make gains like:

  • 15% improvement in first-pass quality
  • 20% gains in production efficiency
  • 30% faster new product or new line launches

Novotek and GE work with hundreds of food, beverage and consumer products firms - and that experience has helped us see the common steps that different companies take in the way that they deploy automation and software to take control of tough problems, and gain significant operational and profit improvements along the way. We've laid out these common steps, the benefits they yield and the rationale for doing things in a certain order in our Operational Excellence White Paper. Contact us and see how firms like yours have been able to use Proficy to address needs ranging from simple visibility of operations to improving their supplier quality to recovering capacity and better planning their capital expansions.

We look forward to helping you with your journey!