Distributed operations, complex processes and rugged environments make Oil & Gas one of the most challenging businesses. And with profits always pressured by increasingly hard-to-exploit fields and volatility on the consumption side, assets and systems have to do more than be reliable – they have to help you get the most return on every dollar invested in extraction and transport.

Our range of solutions can help – covering upstream and midstream operations from the wellhead through pipeline and tank farm management, we bring a unique combination of powerful rugged control solutions, coupled with software that ensures responsive operations, and optimal asset performance. Our PAC8000 controls, and rugged RTU solutions have been proven in the harshest environments – and you’ll find our industry leading iFIX and CIMPLCITY HMI solutions paired with our powerful Historian and reporting solutions at the heart of the operations centres of the UK’s leading producers.

Data Management

Improve reliability, availability, and efficiency. And keep your operations safe.

Operational excellence begins with understanding your data. You need to capture, store, contextualise, and visualise real-time information - and make it available to the right people at the right time to enable the right decisions.

Optimise processes and equipment health

GE has a full suite of advanced, proven, and integrated data management and data analytics software products, starting with the Proficy Historian and including GE's Proficy SmartSignal predictive analytics and diagnostics. With GE software, everybody in the decision-making process—engineering, operations, C-level, and more—can have access to the specific, role-based information they need to do their jobs….and optimise every aspect of processes and equipment health.

See it before it happens

With both the right enterprise data management foundation and additional monitoring software, our Oil & Gas customers anticipate impending problems before they happen. They shift from costly reactive maintenance to efficient planned maintenance. They focus on fixing problems, not looking for them. They increase efficiency by improving reliability and availability. And they keep their operations safe.

The customer perspective

The Proficy SmartSignal software identifies virtually all major equipment and process failures on all critical rotating and non-rotating equipment across all OEM's. These case studies show examples in upstream, midstream, and downstream.

Enterprise SCADA for Midstream

With dispersed assets onshore and offshore, it’s imperative for oil and gas companies to monitor, manage and distribute tremendous volumes of field data—from the wellheads to the control room and at the enterprise level. Moving from data acquisition to complete integration of real-time enterprise information enables faster and better decision making and response for increased efficiency.

Increasing enterprise visibility into critical parameters

GE offers a suite of tightly integrated software and hardware solutions, including a market-leading client/server-based supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system that integrates with powerful historian, analytics, and work process management capabilities to help maximise the value of your information.
Access to timely and accurate mission-critical information from fixed assets such as oil and gas wells, compressor stations, pipelines, fluid storage tanks and utility meters, can eliminate critical gaps in your oil and gas operations, resulting in higher productivity and long-term growth.
Integration with our Work Process Management software enables pipeline operators to digitise manual and automated processes with one tool–capturing process, traceability and quality data across systems and enabling you to manage by exception, orchestrate production and achieve event-based, data-driven results.

Key benefits:

  • Optimised, coordinated operations with reliable, timely and contextualised information
  • Enhanced scalability and openness, from single-node installations to multi-layered systems
  • Reduced client operating costs with real-time monitoring, data analysis and control for remote clients
  • Enterprise connectivity with anywhere, anytime information access for your midstream operations
  • Enhanced decision making for improved performance with integrated historian, alarming, trending, and analytics
  • High availability through a distributed architecture and multiple levels of redundancy


  • Proficy HMI/SCADA
  • Proficy Workflow
  • Proficy Historian
  • Proficy Troubleshooter
  • Proficy Cause+
  • Proficy SCADA Alarm Response Management
  • Industrial PCs
  • PAC8000 RTU
  • PACSystems
  • PACSystems High Availability

Intelligent Control Room Management

Globally, we have more than 1,500,000 Km of oil and gas pipeline – with more than 600,000 Km in North America alone. These numbers go up even more with the addition of other hazardous gas and liquids transported through pipelines. Though efficient and critical, these pipelines do carry high costs for individual safety incidents. Around the world, pipeline safety and security are immediate concerns, both for industry and government – and GE can help. 

Maintaining procedures on paper and tracking actions manually is labor intensive, costly, inefficient and risky. With a greater focus on safety and compliance, it’s time to reduce costs and minimize risks by choosing proven electronic processes – used widely in many other industries.

The GE Intelligent Control Room Management solution offers a proven system of Electronic Standard Operating Procedures (eSOPs), Change Management and Alarm Response Management that layers on top of your existing SCADA infrastructure and can help you:

  • Achieve a foundation to address all aspects of RIN 2137–AE28 Pipeline Safety: Control Room Management/Human Factors Regulations
  • Drive global good business practices
  • Capture and proliferate expert knowledge and proven procedures
  • Take advantage of GE’s 100+ years serving the Oil & Gas industry with revenue of $7.7 Billion in 2009

Intelligent Control Room Management can address the regulations, document the necessary actions for compliance validation, and further support good business practices. With Intelligent Control Room Management, operations controllers can respond correctly with the right actions at the right time, which helps to minimize risk. Additionally, managers are able to generate plans and reports to prove compliance – as well as analyze and improve processes and performance.

Take Action on 49 CFR Part 192 and Part 195
In the United States, the Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) published a final rule: “Pipeline Safety: Control Room Management/Human Factors.” The final 49 CFR Part 192 and Part 195 rule amends the Federal pipeline safety regulations to address human factors and other aspects of control room management for certain pipelines where controllers use supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems – and seeks to reduce risk and improve safety during the transportation of hazardous gases and liquids. This ruling sets forth improvements to control room management that have value in the United States, where mandated, and around the world as good business practices.

Learn how GE can help – with a methodology that includes a gap assessment, system design and architecture, and implementation of award-winning software – before you pass the compliance deadlines. GE has served the Oil and Gas industry for more than 100 years, and we can help you today to achieve PHMSA compliance.

Tank and Farm Terminals

The processing, transporting, and storing of crude oil or refined petroleum products in tank farm and terminal operations entail custody transfers of partner and commingled stock, significant volumes of data from various sources, and blending complexities. As these bulk liquids are loaded and offloaded, there is a large transfer of high value, which makes it imperative for oil and gas companies to efficiently manage their inventory and maximise return on investment.

Enabling increased measurement accuracy and process control

At GE Intelligent Platforms, we understand your need to optimise tank farm and terminal operations with accurate and timely information, including temperature, pressure, density and viscosity measurements. Proven in the oil and gas industry, our reliable, ruggedised solution encompasses advanced process control, powerful visualisation, and integrated work process management capabilities—enabling you to continuously monitor and automatically manage the critical parameters of your inventory.
Furthermore, the seamless integration of our solutions with other terminal automation systems and functions enables you to improve business processes such as order taking, shipment scheduling, customer billing, tank stock management, and maintenance planning. As a result, you can proactively coordinate service delivery for increased overall efficiency and reduced costs for greater return on investment.

Key benefits:

  • Optimised stock inventory due to the ability to continuously monitor physical stock levels and track detailed information on quantities and mass.
  • Faster payback time with increased measurement accuracy on critical parameters such as temperature, pressure, and density levels, which can then be made immediately available to produce “bill of loading”.
  • Improved operational efficiency and consistency with digitised workflows, eliminating errors and delays related to manual processes.
  • Improved quality in your blending processes with complete data collection, robust batch management, clear process visualisation, and powerful supervisory control capabilities.
  • Simplified business processes related to handling the management of stock owned by different parties


  • Proficy Process Systems
  • PACSystems
  • PAC8000 Process I/O
  • QuickPanel View
  • Proficy HMI/SCADA
  • Proficy Workflow
  • PAC8000 SafetyNet
  • Wolverine Computing Platform

Wellhead Monitoring and Control

The growing demand for energy has required oil and gas companies to discover and extract optimised output from additional oil and gas fields. They are increasingly taking exploration efforts into more remote locations, further and further away from the central hub, which requires safe, efficient, centralised control and effective remote management. Increasing uptime and productivity in both new and existing fields while reducing capital and operational expenditures to increase return on investment can deliver a strategic competitive advantage.

Increasing uptime and reliability with integrated safety and control

GE understands the criticality of your operations, and we combine extensive domain experience with deep oil and gas expertise to offer proven, reliable and safe technology solutions for intelligent wellhead monitoring and control—supporting your needs for ultra-dependable production, accurate measurement, and fault-tolerant communications to the control room SCADA.

Our unique wellhead monitoring and control solution encompasses our robust PAC8000 Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), which enables you to monitor, diagnose and maintain your utility assets—even in the most hazardous environments. In addition, you can leverage the capabilities of our SIL 2 functional safety system, which delivers reliable control and safety on a common platform, and the ability to combine multiple wells for maximum efficiency and production optimisation.

Key benefits:

  • Improved safety and control of your production with a single integrated solution and flexible, open communications options.
  • Increased reliability due to the ability to operate in temperature ranges of –40C to +70C, resistance to 30g shock, 5g vibration and G3 corrosive environments.
  • Increased availability of the SIL 2 function and reduced rate of nuisance trips due to optional redundant controllers, power supplies and local area networks.
  • Enhanced asset performance visibility due to powerful HMI/SCADA visualisation and control, and HART® pass-through capability that easily interfaces with asset management software.
  • Reduced capital expenditures and operational expenditures with enhanced asset control and improved decision making.


  • PACSystems
  • PAC8000 SafetyNet
  • PAC8000 RTU
  • QuickPanel View
  • Proficy HMI/SCADA
  • Wolverine Computing Platform

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