Water and Wastewater


Water and Wastewater is one of the segments which Novotek services all our countries. We've completed solutions in this field together with our partners in all areas of the water treatment process. We enable our customers to remotely control and handle all parts of their network. Novotek is also one of few companies which has extensive experience in radio networks for water treatment plants.

Make your water operations more efficient and sustainable with advanced automation and software technologies.

Caught between the costs of maintaining and upgrading water networks and continual resistance to increased user charges, water authorities and operators can find some relief through improving operations. Beyond simply automating established processes, we help municipal and industrial water processors address critical needs like:

  • Reducing energy usage in treatment and conveyance
  • Optimising chemical usage
  • Adapting processes to deal with changes in input water and ambient conditions
  • Ensuring best-possible performance of energy-from-waste assets
  • Ensuring consistent, correct execution of standard procedures and exception-handling

Taking advantage of the Industrial Internet

As developments in sensor technology and communications have made it easier and less expensive to deploy more intelligent devices and control packages, we have kept pace – developing solutions that make it easier than ever to gather and use information from across your asset base. Our approach makes it easier to keep maintenance and repair operations on track, prove compliance with regulations and optimise operations for the most efficient use of energy, chemicals and personnel.

Unlocking Assets

Unlocking Assets

Your automation platform can be a powerful enabler of more than just individual treatment or conveyance processes. Powerful, open technologies can make it possible to deliver richer information for use in daily operations and to support expansion, or enhancement over time.

Our PACSystems platform delivers power and performance in a rugged, flexible, open manner, featuring:

  • High availability/redundancy for critical applications
  • Expandable architectures
  • Innovative form factors, like the RXi Controller
  • Upgradeable CPUs

And with a range of I/O options, from traditional, rack-based modules, to modular form factors like RSTi, you can choose the form and style that suits each application.

RXi Controller 

The RXi controller runs the same control engine as the RX3i, but in a ruggedised, compact form factor that make it ideal for matching with remote I/O drops.

Software for Mobile, Multi-tasking Workforce

Software for Mobile, Multi-tasking Workforce

Your workers aren’t tied to a desk – so your information shouldn’t be either. Our systems are designed to give you flexibility in the way you deliver everything from simple visualisation through standard operating procedures and supporting work instructions. Solutions like Proficy Webspace supplement our widely used iFIX and CIMPLICITY SCADA systems so you can deliver visualisation to browsers or tablets. Building on that foundation, Proficy Mobile lets you deliver a consolidated view of key performance indicators, trends and alarms to your technicians – regardless of differences in underlying make and model of assets and their controls and sensors.

And Proficy Workflow helps you make every worker as good as your best worker – by systematising best practices for daily operations and for exception handling. Able to integrate with other systems both as data sources and to monitor for trigger conditions, Workflow replaces unwieldy paper-based approaches with Electronic Work Instructions – on your desktop or through your mobile devices.

Insight and Analytics

Insight and Analytics

Whether you’re processing wastewater or purifying water for consumption, you’re confronted with an ever-changing “ingredient”. Adjusting processes in real-time to manage this variability, while minimising the use of costly chemicals or energy requires a new approach. Our advanced analytics solutions can help you extract insight from your available data sources – processing systems, labs, sensors, even historical weather information – so you can understand whether there are hidden relationships that you can better control to optimise your processes.

Proficy CSense begins with offline analysis – helping you understand where a recipe adjustment or some re-engineering may be impactful. But it also includes tools that let you compare current conditions and processes against the models you’ve developed – delivering instant insight through reporting, SCADA and Proficy Mobile.

Water Equipment Manufacturers

Water Equipment Manufacturers

Supplying high-value assets to water processing and conveyance operators has never been more challenging. Expectations around service levels and responsiveness are higher than ever, and the need to differentiate your firm and your services is critical.

Equipment Insight from GE can help you stand apart. By making it easy to monitor your installed base for both efficiency and reliability, you can be adjusting maintenance plans based on a better understanding of asset performance in the field, and be directing your technicians to intervene before breakdowns occur.

Designed to be open, Equipment Insight doesn’t require you to re-engineer your control packages or user interfaces. You can add improved monitoring, analysis and even direct interventions through work instructions – all without having to redevelop your standard equipment systems.