Trying to set a path for using machine and process data? 

Not all industrial data management platforms are created equal – the combination of disparate automation types, data speeds and data density pose challenges that standard IT data platforms are not designed to handle. But being able to handle those shouldn’t mean compromising on easily using that data – whether in simple reporting, integration with other systems, or as part of an advanced analytics effort.

Proficy Historian, from GE Digital provides the core capabilities needed to manage the challenges inherent in reliably collecting industrial data, and it offers a range of methods to make the information it holds easily accessible for a range of stakeholders. So it fits neatly into a firm’s overall data management architecture, supplementing enterprise databases and applications.

GE is making a trial license available so customers can evaluate how Historian would work alongside existing automation and existing IT systems. For that evaluation, you can order a trial license and collect data for up to 25 values from sensor and automation sources. As a full working system, it will enable you to explore how you can deploy an optimized, resilient data collection system – and the different methods for accessing that data including:

To get started, complete the download form here:

Novotek will be happy to provide support during your evaluation – we have extensive experience helping customers get started with Historian, and with practical use of the data in various reporting solutions. If you’d like us to be ready to lend a hand, get in touch (embed contact us link) and let us know you’re starting a trial.