Novotek launches calculator to help engineers gain cost-savings from Historian software 

Industrial data specialist Novotek UK and Ireland has launched an online calculator to help engineers and plant managers calculate the cost savings of subscribing to use its unique Proficy Historian software. The Historian calculator is available to use on the Novotek UK and Ireland website, where engineers can assess the costs of collecting and storing data tags across a three-year period..

The launch of the calculator follows Novotek UK and Ireland partnering with GE Digital in 2019, to offer a unique subscription-based model for the Proficy Historian software to the UK market. The annual subscription allows engineers and plant managers to collect and store up to 500,000 data tags — used to log and retrieve historic production and process records — as well as report on and visualise up to 200 of those tags.

The two companies calculated that 200 tags are more than enough for most industrial businesses to get started, and reap the benefits of industrial connectivity. The subscription-based model removes a common barrier to entry for businesses, by allowing them to pay only for the data that is of use to them. Additional, analysable tags can be added for a nominal fee on top of the annual fee.

The calculator allows engineers to select the sources of the data they wish to connect to the Historian, whether they are open platform communications (OPC) data access automation systems, or text and XML files. Engineers can enter the volume of data tags they would like to store and use over a three-year period, and then assess how affordable the Proficy Historian software would be.

“Connectivity is about improving business efficiency and competitiveness, so we want to remove the barriers to that many businesses face,” explained George Walker, managing director of Novotek UK and Ireland. “This barrier is predominately price — plant managers often face a battle in demonstrating the return on investment of these expensive systems.”

“The challenge arises because connectivity isn’t a case of simply networking some equipment and watching the data — it must be the right data, from the right system. Determining this can require trials and experimentation on the part of engineers and plant managers, which is harder to justify and follow through when the costs are higher.

Walker added: “With the Historian calculator, we’ve made it easier for engineers to determine for themselves how low their own barrier to industrial connectivity can be. From there, the next step for engineers is to introduce the Historian system and truly unlock the value of their data.”

For more information about Novotek UK and Ireland’s Proficy Historian subscription, see Alternatively, you can calculate the cost of collecting, collating and analysing your own industrial data using the calculator here.