Industrial IT and automation expert Novotek UK and Ireland will be hosting a series of events in May 2018 as part of its digital transformation roadshow. Businesses working in the industrial sector including manufacturers, utilities companies and energy providers will be given advice on how to thrive in today’s competitive market and how digitalisation can be integrated to improve operational effectiveness.


Novotek will host the events with its channel partner GE Digital to raise awareness and demonstrate some of the products and services available to industrial businesses. Both events will take place at GE’s facility, with the first in Rugby, UK on May 22, 2018, followed by an event in Dublin, Ireland on May 24, 2018.

Companies are investing around five per cent of their annual turnover into digitalising their systems, according to a report from PWC. While some board directors are more forward thinking than others when it comes to digital transformation, digitalisation presents numerous operational, strategic and competitive opportunities for business leaders in all industries.

The rate at which technologies are now being adopted has greatly accelerated and failure to employ technologies like industrial control systems can significantly impact a company’s market share. For businesses that have already taken the plunge, many realise that they could utilise their technologies more effectively.

To overcome this, Novotek’s digital transformation roadshow aims to show attendees how digitalisation can help businesses make data-driven decisions, which can be used to improve efficiency, productivity and, in turn, profitability.

“A vast amount of businesses are currently operating their operational technology (OT) and IT systems separately. This can lead to a duplication in activity, as the role these functions play in most organisations often converge,” explains Tobias Antius, CEO of Novotek. “By taking a more collaborative approach, businesses can drive increased levels of productivity and at lower costs.

“Remaining relevant in your core industry means being as proactive and innovative as possible. In 2017, multinational manufacturer P&G faced scrutiny from its shareholders for not responding to digitalisation as quickly as some of its competitors, which resulted in the company having to cut prices for some of its products.

“At Novotek, we focus on a business’s outcome and so we often guide customers away from their standard business model - encouraging them to think differently and achieve more. With software platforms like GE Digital’s Predix, companies can digitalise their systems and still remain at the forefront of the transition, to ensure the infrastructure meets the business’s needs.”