Events in Novotek UK & Ireland

Due to COVID-19, our live events schedule has been cancelled. However, we continue to run a and participate in a number of virtual events. 

The Misunderstood Strategic Asset - WEBINAR

Sean Robinson - Novotek UK & IrelandOn July 30, 2020, at 2pm BST, our service leader, Sean Robinson, will join GE Digital’s David Collard for the webinar Automation data: the misunderstood strategic asset. The webinar will provide meaningful insights about how manufacturers, engineers and plant managers can take advantage of modern automation solutions. Registration for the event is available here


Other Events

Novotek Group and our partners are still running a number of informative webinars during this period. Please check our Twitter account for details of these.


Events in other Novotek countries 

For events in the other Novotek countries, please look at respective country´s homepage: