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When manufacturers seek to automate their operations, it is vital to choose controllers that can grow with their business and work with their existing infrastructure. GE Automation & Controls PLCs are modular, scalable with open architecture and provide easy system integration, powerful upgrade and unparalleled expandability options. Along with our broad selection of integrated products, you will have GE's years of experience and global support at your disposal. 

GE's new integrated Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) solution - combines flexibility, openness, and performance without the historical burden of migration path or conversion, all at an affordable price.

PACSystems RX3i

PACSystems RX3i is affordable, easy to integrate and provides unprecedented freedom in application portability across multiple platforms. Driven by Proficy Machine Edition development software, it features a single control engine and universal programming to boost your overall automation performance.


Machine Edition - One programming tool for all controllers


Independat on your choise of GE Controller, you work with Proficy Machine Edition. 
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