QuickPanel +

Operator Interface for the Industrial Internet.

Every penny spent delivering an operator interface for your machines and processes, should help you keep options open for enabling new capabilities for your shop floor teams. You know there’ll be future demands for data and connectivity; you can lay the groundwork to meet them so future projects can go faster, and with less disruption. In comes Quick Panel +.

QuickPanel + is a powerful all-in-one device: An Operator Interface (OI), PLC process-controller, gateway to your other systems and a collection engine for a Historian. The use of this OI will improve real-time control and simplify integration into plant-wide systems, so your initial investment supports future needs.

More flexibility

QuickPanel+ comes with a library of drivers, so it can be plugged into controls and sensors from multiple vendors. This makes it easy and smooth to swiftly implement it, even in the systems that mix and match different types of equipment and communications. And, rather than being a single purpose panel, you can enjoy the use of a PC, with capabilities remote desktop connections to other servers, web browser, built-in peer networking and FTP and HTTP servers, without the IT headaches.

Optimized interface

QuickPanel+ uses the latest multi-touch technology which provides the user with direct access to the required data. The multi-touch technology is used to work in an industrial environment, but at the same time it’s also as sensitive as the screen of a smartphone or tablet. It even has the zoom in capabilities to view your interface at up to 400 %. Accessing information and visualising processes has never been so easy.


Quick panel + Operator Interface brochure