Compact, High performance controller.


The demand for smaller applications is constantly increasing. However, this has often been at the expense of performance. or at least until the RSTI-EP CPE100 was launched.

Downscaled controller

The RSTI-EP CPE100 is one of Emerson’s latest scalable performance solutions, it is an incredibly compact and high-performance controller that is designed to give users the edge over other controllers. The RSTi-EP CPUs make it possible to integrate the entire PACSystems programming suite in stand-alone applications or as auxiliary control in larger process applications that use RX3i. This simplifies training for operators and maintenance workers and streamlines application development and integration.

Speaking same language

The CPE100 has the same runtime as the popular RX3i and it can use the current application libraries and templates whilst still being significantly smaller than the RX3i. This is possible because the RSTI and the RX3i use the same language to communicate.

Advanced security

Data safety is increasingly becoming a critical element of your system, which is why the RSTI comes with a built-in advanced security system. It uses built in security protocols to prevent cyber security attacks, unauthorized code and application updates, and protect against man-in-the-middle and denial of service attacks. The controller uses a centralised configuration method which allows the controller to be updated from a secure central location, ensuring that no unauthorized updates take place.

CPE100 supports real-time application status, remote diagnostics and:

  • Dual LAN interfaces with four Ethernet ports
  • Built-in RS-232 serial port
  • Support for a range of communications protocols, including PROFINET
  • Up to 1 MB of non-volatile user memory All in just 1.5” (38.1mm) of DIN rail space.