RX3i CPL410

Outcome optimising controller.


The RX3i CPL410 is a hypervised, multicore, outcome optimising controller, that can combine real-time deterministic control with advanced analytics. Beyond providing a high-performance control engine, the CPL410 can act as a gateway to securely deliver machine data to plant, corporate or cloud platforms, and use that data in central or local analytics to enable the most powerful advanced machine and process optimisation. It is designed for industries which require high performance, combined with an adjustable and dependable control, such as water & wastewater, metro, industrial steam, oil & gas, discrete manufacturing, modular machine design and other diverse applications that require a compact footprint combined with high performance, flexibility, and reliable, application specific control.

Optimised control

The RX3i CPL410 is a controlling system that lets the user connect, collect and analyse real time industrial data directly at the machine, by providing dedicated resources for an application footprint that is securely segregated from the control engine, but able to pass data and parameters back and forth.. This allows rich analytical tools to link with your real-time data to give you instant advice on your system, so you the user are able to react faster and smarter and get the most from your assets and processes. A flexible redundancy capability ensures an uninterrupted control of your whole systems processes with total transparency - switchover time is as fast as 300 msec. All these combines to mean, fewer problems, an optimised system and no interruptions.

An open platform

The control unit is designed to be compatible with the broadest range of applications, through use of standard technologies for running and integrating solutions around the core control engine. The PCL410 has pre-installed technology like PACEdge making it easy to deploy solutions like:

  • Predix Edge
  • Local Web-based HMI
  • Collectors for GE Historians
  • Custom applications built in Python or similar tools

Improved security

Data safety is an important part of your system. That’s why the RX3i has built-in security protocols to prevent unauthorised access. And in a hybrid local/cloud deployment, a secure provisioning tool is used to manage application deployments and updates, further protecting the system. Meanwhile it also uses security technology like TPM, Trusted Platform Technology, to secure the hardware system.

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