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GE Digital - Novotek supplies a wide range of best-in-class standard products to enhance and optimize your production performance. Discover GE Digital


It ranges from integration with ERP, over MES, webbased reporting, production information storage to troubleshooting software for exisiting production systems.

If you seek the best return on investment in efficiency, quality, production, and batch applications, then these solutions will give you clear insight into your operation. Efficiently manage and achieve peak performance with a unified, easy to configure "plant model" that automatically generates intelligent KPIs and monitors performance. Now, you can make real-time adjustments to keep your operation running smoothly and more productively.

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Connect ERP with Production by use of fine planning tool

Novotek Planning System
Novotek Planning System provide easy-to-use, powerful fine production planning tools. Use it to solve details and get "helicopter"-view - be sure to meet duedates and maintain high and balanced use of capacity. And integrate with your ERP.