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Creating an enterprise resource planning system for manufacturing is an important step to building a more efficient and productive business. Historian provides a robust and effective plant data repository to collect, archive and distribute large volumes of real-time, plant floor information quickly and easily. Able to read all types of process data, Historian will provide a window into your manufacturing operations across all key metrics.

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  • Unlimited Point Collection
  • Sub-Second Data Collection Rates
  • Enhanced Data Compression
  • Multiple Time Zone Support
  • Time Stamp Resolution
  • Fully Integrated with iFIX
  • True Thin Client Administration
  • Excel Add-in
  • Designed for 21 CFR Part 11
  • Simple Configuration
  • Data Retrieval
  • Open Archive Access
  • Fault Tolerant Architecture
  • Calculation Collector and Server-to-Server Collector

Use NovotekTrendView to view Historian data in the client tools of your choice

Novotek TrendView in Excel

NovotekTrendView is chosen for it's very fast data retrieval and display, it's flexible taggroups, named times and possiblities to have different chart layouts. NovotekTrendView can be embedded in any ActiveX container, e.g. Proficy iFIX, Excel or MS Explorer.


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