Plant Information - Report Plus


Targeting the variety of reporting requirements in the process and production environment, Novotek Report Plus delivers powerful standard and custom web reports for Proficy Historian and any SQL database. With intelligent extensions of the Proficy Historian database and en easy to use reporting environment it can fulfill the different needs for operations, management and regulatory reporting.

Technical overview
With a powerful data layer NRP can handle automatic reporting from Proficy Historian but also from any type of SQL database, like MES and LIMS. The data layer can easily aggregate continuous process data into either time based data (hour, day, week etc) or event based records like batches. The data layer towards Historian also includes a powerful data correction interface that enables the user to correct raw data with auditing. The data layer towards Proficy Historian also extends the calculation modes to now also include full support for meters, production counters, consumptions, running time and transition counter.

The NRP report creation is fast and flexible. The system ships with several standard reports that easily can be configured to match your needs. This maximizes the ROI for the investment. The data can be presented in any way you want including tables, graphs, gauges etc.

The NRP client used for report navigation is a true web based client that can be run in a web browser on your PC, but also on your mobile device like Android or IOS based devices. The reporting client have full support for drill down capabilities but also export of the data to Excel and other popular formats.


Novotek Report Plus is based on the latest Automaton and Microsoft Technology and has also support for a numerous of languages.

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