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Optimising the manufacturing process depends upon your ability to monitor the progress of each unit and part moving through your production. Tracker delivers lean production by helping to manage inventory, schedule resources and route material while providing a broad range of additional features as well. A comprehensive tracking system that accepts data from many types of sensors and readers, making it simple to implement and operate.

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  • Monitor and manage your production flow
  • Dynamically collect and store a variety of data about each item
  • Provide control commands to production equipment in order to process and route materials
  • Support inspection and rework processes, as well as production, assembly, and packaging operations

Connect ERP with Production by use of fine planning tool

Novotek Planning System
Novotek Planning System provide easy-to-use, powerful fine production planning tools. Use it to solve details and get "helicopter"-view - be sure to meet duedates and maintain high and balanced use of capacity. And integrate with your ERP.
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