Webspace 6.0

The easy way to make your SCADA available everywhere it’s needed.


Webspace enables your complete SCADA  application to be delivered over your company intranet, or via secure internet connections. It delivers full control, visualisation and production execution capabilities without the need to change or alter your software application, making it easy to share functionality and information  with your operators and supervisors wherever they need it.

Flexible Access

Designed to quickly make your iFIX or CIMPLICITY system remotely accessible, Webspace is easy to install and easy to maintain, with your choice of installing on the same server as the main SCADA, or on a dedicated web server. Webspace runs via browsers and mobile device apps for IOs and Android regardless of the client type, Webspace doesn’t compromise features, graphics or functionality, scaling the graphics for different types of screens with different aspect ratios.

Secure information streams

In addition to working with the underlying SCADA’s user security scheme, Webspace uses industry standard certificate-based security to ensure the security of the data that is transmitted over the network.

Key Features

  • New Zero-install HTML5 client, no third-party software required
  • New option for strong encryption
  • New App for MAC OS X - simplified installation, multi-monitor support, client sound, and Max OS X Gatekeeper support
  • Client-side scaling support for high-resolution devices
  • Mobile Sense Technology Mobile for a better UX on mobile devices
  • Load balancing and high availability
  • Full-featured Web and mobile client for iFIX or CIMPLICITY—with one server and real-time data updates
  • No restrictions on secure containment of third-party controls; launch third-party apps triggered in iFIX or CIMPLICITY, control elements operable within Webspace and inherit security setup
  • External access over the Internet, multi-tab browser support, remote access for debug and support
  • E-signature enhances security and audit trail
  • Support displays with animations
  • View, acknowledge, and silence alarms and warnings
  • Administration: Client disconnect, client session shadowing, SSL 56-bit encryption, port selection, maximum client limit


Webspace 6.0 Factsheet

Advanced control and production execution over iPad, Android and Web browser