Novotek components to Proficy Historian

To be able to provide our customers a whole solution have Novotek developed add-on components to Proficy HMI/SCADA iFIX and Proficy Historian. Novotek components is add-on modules that add extra functionality to your favourite softwares. Our components are developed based on the needs and demands of our customers over the past thirty years. 

Novotek AlarmAnalysis -

Analysing alarms and events that is stored in Proficy Historian. 

Novotek components

Novotek Alarm Analysis is an ActiveX component that you integrate into iFIX, Excel or and other container of your choice. Upon request will it deliver statistics, alarm and events separately or jointly. You also have the possibility to create your own filters, define which fields to display, analyse specific alarms and much more. Quickly adopt views for in-depth analysis through intuitive point and click procedure. l.

Novotek TrendView -

Advanced trending for Proficy Historian data.

Novotek Trendview have the possibility to combine historical data and real time data in the same trend, which simplifies the overview. With the help of graph, pen and time groups can the user choose and adopt the overview to maximise the value.



Product sheet - Novotek AlarmAnalysis (EN)

Novotek AlarmAnalysis is a tool to analyse historically collected and stored alarms and events.


Product sheet - Novotek TrendView (EN)

Novotek TrendView has the possibility to combine historical data and real time data in the same trend.