Report Plus is the best reporting tool on the market towards the iFIX and Proficy Historian product portfolios. 

Report Plus is a proven solution for standard reports.


Today many have a lot of requirements on correct and updated process and production reports. The requirements comes from authorities and managements but also the staff.

Report Plus is a proven-in-use solution in many industries with standard reports and templates which results in fast and safe deployment. 

Do like 100's of customers.. 

…choose Report Plus for your process and production planning. 

Ulf Yngvesson, Business Development Specialist, Novotek AB

Report Plus delivers updates reports in real time. 

reports in real time

Real time reports make it possible to move from month to week and from day to hour.

Report Plus have connections in real time to its data sources. This means all reports generated are based on the latest data available.  

Through its powerful data layer is data aggregated fast and flexible for presentation in reports. This not depending on whether the aggregation is based on time or event.

A common challenge in process reporting is that collected data is not correct. THis can be related to sensor failure, calibration problems, communication failure, etc. Report plus handles with by either excluding the data or give the user the possibility to change the faulty data. Of course is all corrections or exclusions tracked and can be presented in the reports. 

A complete overview in one tool for your part of the production

Report Plus gives you an open product on all levels and is therefore a future proof solution. 

» Report Plus make use of the Historian data layer which further have the possibility to gather data from iFIX, OPC UA, OPC DA, OPC AE, files, OSI PI, etc. 
» Report Plus reports are web based that easily can be integrated with interface of the operators or the intranet.
» Report Plus reports easily be integrated with arbitrary SQL DBs which makes it easy to get joint report that includes all types of data.
» Report Plus data layer is a plug-in to Microsoft SQL server. This means process and production data is made available to any tool that can access SQL data like QLickview, Power BI or MatLab.
» You have all data available? In Report Plus you have the possibility to enter manual data, for example lad data. Novotek also have a mobile application to read for example energy data directly into the reports. 

Experience provides fast and efficient implementation

Novotek's production reporting solution is open
and flexible solution that can be used in all industries.

Examples of different solutions include the following:

Water and Waste water 

» Process reports for water and waste water including energy consumption
» Balance reports for incoming and outgoing fresh water or process water
» Reports for lab values combined with process values
» Pump station reports including running time, starts, "overflow times", etc.
» Rainfall reports

Energy and power

» Production report including calculation of energy
» Site usage for production units
» Alarm reports according to EEMUA 191 and ISA 18.2

Food and Beverage

» Balance reports over energy, water, steam and air
» Normalisation against production, e.g. dependence to energy or energy per produced amount
» Batch report with integration to process variables, energy consumption, other consumption and alarm including comparison with batch
» Production certificate for batches
» Tank reports
» OEE reporting


Customer Story - Grycksbo Paper (EN)

To be able to handle environmental and energy reports in an efficient way Grycksbo AB use the Report Plus product.


Factsheet - ReportPlus (EN)

Targeting the variety of reporting requirements in the process and production industries, Novotek Report Plus delivers powerful standard and custom web reports for Proficy Historian.