Conversion to iFIX from another HMI 

Simplify the conversion with the help of Novotek.

Conversion to iFIXConversion to iFIX

Novotek simplify the process of changing HMI/SCADA system.
We all know that exchange of HMI/SCADA can be time consuming, complexed and risky. It doesn't have to be!
Novotek have the tools to make the process safe and smooth. 

Conversion of Citech HMI to iFIX  

As a step to make the conversion simple, Novotek have created a program for conversion. The program converts both the Citect database and pictures into a iFIX database and pictures. All objects and scrips can't be converted but large parts of that work can we handled by the tools. 

Conversion of Wonderware Intouch to iFIX 

With the help of the Novotek experts and tools from our collegues in the US, Novotek offer a plan for conversion of complete Intouch installations. This incluces databases, pictues as well as scripting. 

Conversion of ABB Master to iFIX 

If you have an old ABB Master installation Novotek can offer you an unique conversion of everything above the controlers. With the help of our unique drivers and tools and a long list of successful conversions we can help you to a more modern process without the need to change the control layer. 


Product Sheet - iFIX 6.1 (EN)

Driving decision support for operators with high-performance visualization.


Brochure  - iFIX Enabling the Smart Operator (EN)

Expect more from your HMI/SCADA. It should anticipate your operators’ needs, delivering the precise information they need quickly and intuitively.